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Car Rental in Mumbai

Car Rental in Mumbai is not something you cannot afford, with the growth of the city, the services it offers also are growing. There are many players in the market for car rental in Mumbai.

As the demand increases the supply has to increase so the companies which offer car rentals have also grown in the city. Where the minimum charged per kilometer used to be Rs 27 has now come down to Rs 8 per kilometer or even Rs 5 during promotional offers. People have to go for an interview or even for some function sometimes and they definitely won’t prefer a public transport in that case in order to arrive fresh and energetic at the venue.


With no space for bargaining car rentals in Mumbai are charged on the basis of how much the wheel has moved and how much time it took to reach the venue. The meter is in place hence customers don’t face the hassle of bargaining or drawing a hole in the pocket by being fooled by the driver.

It’s easy to get rented car in Mumbai as the city is vast and has ample of players in market thus it’s a growing business in Mumbai and people from all genre of society are plunging into it. If you plan to pool up it’s the most convenient and economic way of travel in Mumbai. If you are looking for right agency in Mumbai, whom you can trust, you can contact Season Cabs on www.seasoncabs.com