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Vridham gears up with a new show based on cars and travel

Vridham is an accomplished actor from Bollywood, and has been working in the television and film industry from last 7 years.

He acted in numerous serials like Crime Patrol, Adaalat, Chidiya Ghar, Saavdhan India, Crime and Bollywood, Time Machine and many more.

He also appeared in television ads for OLX and Mc’vities digestive biscuits.

Off lately, he has started writing as well and written one youth based comedy show. Furthermore, he has played various characters in that comedy series as an actor.

Soon he will be seen in a web series, where he plays a lead character of a drug addict and maniac person.

Vridham is also a car enthusiast and travel freak and has been intending to begin a show about cars and vridham-actortravel to explore his enthusiasm towards it.

He explained show is going to manifest everything identified with vehicles and travel which incorporates crazy drives, outrageous going mud romping (4×4), auto sports, conquering some ground-breaking geographic conditions, some extraordinary travel goals and end of the week escapes.

As informed by Vridham, first 4 episodes of the show will be shot in 250 KMs proximity of Mumbai. The shoot is happening in third week of May 2019.

Car Rental in Mumbai

Car Rental in Mumbai is not something you cannot afford, with the growth of the city, the services it offers also are growing. There are many players in the market for car rental in Mumbai.

As the demand increases the supply has to increase so the companies which offer car rentals have also grown in the city. Where the minimum charged per kilometer used to be Rs 27 has now come down to Rs 8 per kilometer or even Rs 5 during promotional offers. People have to go for an interview or even for some function sometimes and they definitely won’t prefer a public transport in that case in order to arrive fresh and energetic at the venue.


With no space for bargaining car rentals in Mumbai are charged on the basis of how much the wheel has moved and how much time it took to reach the venue. The meter is in place hence customers don’t face the hassle of bargaining or drawing a hole in the pocket by being fooled by the driver.

It’s easy to get rented car in Mumbai as the city is vast and has ample of players in market thus it’s a growing business in Mumbai and people from all genre of society are plunging into it. If you plan to pool up it’s the most convenient and economic way of travel in Mumbai. If you are looking for right agency in Mumbai, whom you can trust, you can contact Season Cabs on


Hire Innova in Mumbai

Planning a long trip with friends and family and can’t think of comfortable vehicle to take you to your destination? How about hiring a car?

Hire Innova in Mumbai with great space and power steering Innova is the most sought after car in Mumbai. With ample of vendors available in the market hiring an Innova should not be an issue across whole of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Thane.

The hectic lifestyle of Mumbai makes it difficult for you to take out time for near and dear ones on weekdays but weekends are best options to let your loved ones know that you do care. Mumbai is one blessed city which has ample of get away places around it where you can go and return even in a day’s time. You wish to spend maximum time with maximum people so why not hire a car especially like Innova where you can fit in maximum people and can rely on its mileage to take you to and fro to your destinations.


And why only restrict hiring Innova for longer trips in Mumbai, why not city exploration itself or going to office and sharing it colleagues. Well options are there on floor, you have to choose which suits you best. And the city Mumbai never disappoints you even when it comes to hiring a car of your choice and Innova stands out in its services.

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