Modeling Agency in Mumbai

Like any other field even modeling industry requires agencies which can not only hunt but also train the youngsters in the field of modeling. Modeling requires a great body language and attitude which a modeling agency in Mumbai can easily train people in.fb_offer

If you are searching for a modeling agency in Mumbai then the place to look out for is . All modeling agencies can advertise about them on the website as well as place their requirements on the website. The best way to make your career in the industry is to choose right path and a great guidance. hence keeping in mind how to help great talents in the country and abroad to come up and be guided well allows the modeling agencies in Mumbai to be a part of their great team and be a guiding force to many youngsters who get misguided many times by frauds operating in the industry.

Paintings at reasonable cost for home and offices

Well you may buy a place to live or run your office but its interior decoration is a must which actually plays a vital role in attracting people as well as good vibes at the place.

Paintings play an important role in decorating your walls be it your home or your office. Be it abstract or factual or it may hold some amazing message for you, paintings are a great artistic work. It includes artist’s imagination as well as they depict incidences of our day to day life.Serenity collects these artistic work and displays on their website giving you the comfort of buying from home. This is an initiative by Indian Art Hub to save you from running to pillar to post to get the right painting for you at reasonable price.

Thus paintings at reasonable cost for home and offices are available at which also provides easy delivery of them at your doorstep.

Best place to buy paintings for home

Divine Monk by S. Nath Goswami

Best Place to buy paintings for home is from the comfort of your home. Yes  gives you facility of just sitting back at home and browsing through the paintings and click and buy them. Thus making it the best place to buy paintings for home. picks up the best in market and displays them on their website. This makes them easily approachable and helps the buyers to not waste time and energy in searching for great places to buy them. Paintings not only decorate your house but also attract the right people in your home. They change the look of the place they are displayed on.

Thus, all your efforts and questions are answered here on , browse click, pay and get the delivery done at your door.

Baaghi Movie Review

Romantic action drama “Baaghi,” starring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor, has fetched over Rs. 75 gross income from its worldwide box office in just four days.

Tiger and Shraddha-starrer “Baaghi” has set the box office on fire. Sabbir Khan’s directorial “Baaghi” has earned Rs. 75 crore gross, and now it is nearing towards Rs. 100 crore mark at the worldwide box office.

The film had a pbaaghi-review1henomenal four-day box office run in India and the opening weekend run at the overseas box office. From Indian box office, the film minted Rs. 45.30 crore net (Rs. 64.71 crore gross) and from the overseas box office “Baaghi” minted Rs. 10.82 crore.

“#Baaghi – OVERSEAS – opng wknd: $ 1.63 mn [₹ 10.82 cr]… Best in UAE-GCC [$ 678k], Pakistan [$ 387k], USA-Canada [$ 229k], UK [$ 124k],” trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted.

“#Baaghi continues to FLY HIGH, even on crucial Mon… Fri 11.94 cr, Sat 11.13 cr, Sun 15.51 cr, Mon 6.72 cr. Total: ₹ 45.30 cr. India biz,” he added.

If “Baaghi” continues its excellent hold at the worldwide box office, the film will overtake “Ki and Ka” to become the fifth biggest worldwide grosser of this year.

The romantic action drama, which received mixed reviews, was released in just 2,750 screens in India and 344 screens overseas and even with limited screens, the film performed well. Also, “Baaghi” has earned its production cost from just the domestic run and has become a hit film.

Directed by Sabbir, “Baaghi” is inspired by Indonesian film “The Raid: Redemption” and Telugu film “Varsham.”

Most popular E-commerce Portal for Indian products

Thats India ! People across the world are searching for the beautiful Indian products. Be it art, handicrafts or the attractive Indian dresses, World loves it and admire it. With the e-commerce poping in its become so easy to buy the Indian stuff from across the country just with a click. So does the question bothers you a lot that which is the best e-commerce portal for Indian Stuff then here is your answer


Indian Art Hub has from elegant apparels, exemplary art pieces, Indian Vintage to Modern home decors and even Indian States special accessories collected from across the country. Indian Art Hub is the best e-commerce portal for Indian Stuff and keeps upgrading itself to showcase the best talent in all mentioned specific areas.

Sometimes our busy schedule leaves us so tired that we wish we can just sit down and best things that we wish to buy are delivered to us at our doorstep. Indian Art Hub maintains its quality and delivers the best in the Industry and being the best e-commerce portal for Indian Stuff makes sure that they live up to the expectation of its customers.handicrafts-online

We all love the electric and colourful Indian stuff, from Rajasthan to Kerala, every thing is so overwhelming. Thus to get the best of all the Indian Stuff you can think of ,please log on to and buy some great Indian Stuff for you and your loved ones.

Where to sell my paintings?

The people who love art, some of them do get an opportunity to showcase their talent while some don’t get that opportunity. We at Indian Art Hub have included a space for such artists as well as some well known ones to sell their paintings at our portal to create a win win situation for the artists as well as for the ones who are buying it from there.

So if you are a painter and thinking where to sell my paintings then you have an answer now sell your paintings at .This portal gives you an opportunity to reach out to people who have been looking out to buy some great paintings but haven’t found the right platform and also an opportunity for an artist’s to reach out the masses.sell-paintings

Indian art hub was created to appreciate efforts of artists and their art, thus paintings being a showcase of their thought process and creativity, they also wish to reach to people who will appreciate it thus to put an end to an artist’s question of “where to sell my painting” was created and till now has helped many painters to reach their potential buyers.


Best Online Portal to Buy Indian Dresses

If you think that being online was just limited to few items then probably you are wrong, there are portals for dresses too and the best online portal to buy Indian dresses is undoubtedly

Especially if you are living abroad and you wish to buy few dresses which are available in India and you wish that they reach to you, please do visit There are many portals these days who do list their dresses online and are priced well but if you wish to receive a dress which apart from being priced greatly also has a great quality of cloth from which it has been stitched the portal for you is Indian Art Hub.


From Lavish saris to adorable lehengas and salwar suits, you name it and Indian Art Hub displays it for you. The best online portal to buy Indian Dresses has to be

On Indian Art Hub, you can get fabulous new designs for Kurtis. Sarees, Lehengas. Best portal for indian clothes.

As they have not left any Indian Embroidery or style of stitches untouched for you not to have them in your wardrobe. They make sure that your wardrobe has all kinds and shades of Indian dresses that you dream of.


Best place to buy vegetables in Mumbai

Well, Mumbai is a big city as many of us know; getting basic necessities here is not that difficult. The best places to buy vegetables in Mumbai are many according to different people. But if you want to get things with less effort and quickly the best place to buy vegetables in Mumbai is this place not only gives you best vegetables but also a great customer experience.Vegetables-mumbai-online

Mumbai is a busy city so busy that sometimes people don’t get time for themselves. Thus they look out for easy things, easy food, easy shopping and many more. Thus to make things even easier and you wish to know best place to buy vegetables in Mumbai then it  is , on time delivery, easy payment method and easy to pick and deliver services.

Vegetables come under daily necessities hence are part of routine for anyone to buy them every day. How great it would be if they get delivered at your place with the same price as market.

Thus, if it has to be the best place to buy vegetables in Mumbai it has to be

Buy vegetables in Mumbai

The hectic life of city of Mumbai, sometimes don’t even leave people with the energy to even go out and buy vegetable or even basic necessities of life. The office goers are tired and exhausted after long travels and official schedule. The city has no dearth of options and to make life simpler we have


If you wish to buy some real great vegetables online and delivered to you in Minimum time the only place to look after is This ecommerce site gives you variety of vegetables which are just a click away. Your schedule may not permit you to go down and purchase you just have to sit back at home choose vegetables of your choice and they will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

To buy vegetables in Mumbai though there are specific markets allocated in each area of the city still sometimes you don’t feel like all the way travelling to such places keeping in mind even weather conditions and you feel if someone can deliver it to you and you don’t have to go out of comfort of your home.

Thus makes life simpler and easier do visit to help yourself with some exotic vegetables to buy online.

Tarot Card Reader Mumbai

A tarot card reader can be your angel who can guide you and be a guiding force for you. Tarot card reader in Mumbai is not very difficult to find. To know more about what is tarot card reading please visit:

A Tarot card reader is a clairvoyant who masters the art by great practice and knowledge. Followed all across world, tarot card reading is considered sacred and is done with proper guidelines being passed on by masters from years. Finding a Tarot card reader in Mumbai is not a difficult thing to do. You can find them on Google easily if not that you can find them on social media very easily and follow what they are guiding through daily practice or book a personal session with them.

Tarot card readers in Mumbai also teaches the art with some energy exchange as they call it. This art can come easily and be taught too but its effectiveness lies in how well and with how much of discipline do you practice it.

Tarot card reader’s in Mumbai are also followed by big celebrities as what and when the decision taken can help them better in career decisions. Tarot cards also unveil the mystery behind your current and future events and are great tool for daily decision making and guidance.

So if you wish to know anything about your past, present and future through the magical tarot cards, you can definately contact Dr Ashish Natayankar, a renowned Tarot Card reader in Mumbai, Just contact him through his website

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