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Top Acting Classes in Mumbai

If you have a burning passion for acting and dream of making it big in the Bollywood industry, Mumbai is undoubtedly the place to be. With its rich cultural heritage and a plethora of opportunities, the city offers numerous acting schools that can help you kickstart your acting career. In this blog, we will provide you with valuable insights and tips on how to select the right acting school in Mumbai.

Determine Your Goals:

Before diving into the selection process, it is crucial to define your goals as an aspiring actor. Are you looking for a comprehensive course that covers various aspects of acting? Or do you have a specific area of interest, such as theater, film, or television? Identifying your goals will help you narrow down your options and find an acting school that aligns wi

th your aspirations.

Some of the Top Acting Schools are

  • C2B Acting Academy
  • ICE Balaji Acting School
  • Anupam Kher Acting School
  • The Drama School Mumbai
  • Barry John Acting Studio
  • Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute
  • Whistling Woods International
  • Roshan Taneja School of Acting
  • RK Acting Academy Mumbai
  • Shaktimaan Acting Institute

Though all these institues are known ones, but Chain2bollywood’s C2B Acting Academy, has recently come up, because of its well known trainers from National School of Drama and quality education. They infact work on individualized career goals. Their curriculum caters to diverse interests and provides specialized training to help you excel in your chosen niche.

C2B Acting trainers are from the Bollywood industry like Abhay Joshi, Ashique Hussain, who are ot only from National School of Drama, but are working in the industry for last 35yrs.

C2B Acting academy only offer career classes, with guaranteed work opportuity for students.

So while you can choos from any institute, it would e good idea to research them little well and then go for the Acting Course

Vridham gears up with a new show based on cars and travel

Vridham is an accomplished actor from Bollywood, and has been working in the television and film industry from last 7 years.

He acted in numerous serials like Crime Patrol, Adaalat, Chidiya Ghar, Saavdhan India, Crime and Bollywood, Time Machine and many more.

He also appeared in television ads for OLX and Mc’vities digestive biscuits.

Off lately, he has started writing as well and written one youth based comedy show. Furthermore, he has played various characters in that comedy series as an actor.

Soon he will be seen in a web series, where he plays a lead character of a drug addict and maniac person.

Vridham is also a car enthusiast and travel freak and has been intending to begin a show about cars and vridham-actortravel to explore his enthusiasm towards it.

He explained show is going to manifest everything identified with vehicles and travel which incorporates crazy drives, outrageous going mud romping (4×4), auto sports, conquering some ground-breaking geographic conditions, some extraordinary travel goals and end of the week escapes.

As informed by Vridham, first 4 episodes of the show will be shot in 250 KMs proximity of Mumbai. The shoot is happening in third week of May 2019.

Acting Workshop Mumbai

Each year thousands of acting aspirants enter Mumbai from all over India, hoping to make their dreams come true. Bollywood is fascinating for millions.They’ve heard of Shahrukh Khan, Katrina, Salman Khan, Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan and countless others making it big without any godfathers, and they wish to follow their footsteps. The good news is that there is lot of work in the industry. With the webseries and different OTT platforms coming in, opportunities for actors have gone up, by multifold, the bad news is that it has become much more professional now, so you’ll really have to be on the top of your game. For aspiring actors, there are many acting institutes, in Mumbai, who can shape their career in Acting and  various other glamour fields.acting-classes-mumbai

This Summer a very prestigious acting, modeling and grooming school ‘Chain2bollywood’ has come up with exciting Acting modeling workshop, which starts in month of May.

There are various courses students can opt for, in modeling and acting space. Exclusive courses for kids, Moms and Working women, for Acting, Modeling, Grooming, makeover, and more.

For more information contact on

Call 9870295348, 9819266419



The Doggy Style Show | Chain2bollywood

Chain2bollywood is coming out with yet another  production. A series of comedy episodes on its totally new show ” The Doggystyle Show”, on its new channel ” Stupid Coffee”

The show has some out of the box interesting and experienced cast. The main stars of the show are Vridham and Sonia, who also are involved in creative input and production, of the show

Vridham, is known actor from bollywood, and has been working in the industry for last 6.5 years, and has done various TV Ads, TV Serials, Webseries, and has also done a Film.

Sonia, is also CEO, director , of Chain2bollywood, with years of experience working with various TV channels and Studios.

Show Name: The Doggy Style ShowStarring – Vridham, Sonia Gupta, Sadique Ansari, Sandeep
Check out #MotionPoster of the new show #TheDoggyStyleShow. Fasten your seat belts for an insane ride of new age comedy. #Season1 packed with#10Episodes.

Stay tuned on ” Stupid Coffee” for Upcoming episodes.

A boom for Media and Entertainment Industry

Chain 2 Bollywood launches its new website and Mobile App on Playstore, with name Chain2bollywood+. Chain2bollywood+ comes with smart features and gives the industry connections and network on finger tips.


Be it Model Actors, struggler’s, Makeup artist, hairstylists, editors, camera man, photographers, Animators, or agencies like editing studios, production studios, equipment suppliers, costume suppliers, PR agencies, Chain2bollywood+ covers the entire gamut of the industry on one app and their website

Not only you can get Jobs, Auditions and other work opportunities but also you can upload your profile and get chose by the industry directly. The Chain2bollywood+ App is easy to use and has smart filters to get database more smartly and filtered.

Employers, Studios, Casting Agents, TV Channels can post their requirements free and also contact people from the database.

This app is a great initiative to get the industry network and real time information on finger tps

Modeling Agency in Mumbai

Like any other field even modeling industry requires agencies which can not only hunt but also train the youngsters in the field of modeling. Modeling requires a great body language and attitude which a modeling agency in Mumbai can easily train people in.fb_offer

If you are searching for a modeling agency in Mumbai then the place to look out for is . All modeling agencies can advertise about them on the website as well as place their requirements on the website. The best way to make your career in the industry is to choose right path and a great guidance. hence keeping in mind how to help great talents in the country and abroad to come up and be guided well allows the modeling agencies in Mumbai to be a part of their great team and be a guiding force to many youngsters who get misguided many times by frauds operating in the industry.