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Healers in Mumbai

There are ample of healers in Mumbai, you choose whom you feel is the best for you. Like any other thing that you search for you look for the best one, hence even when you search for a healer he or she has to be the best.

Most people who cannot find solutions in medical science turn to alternative methods of healing hence there are healers in Mumbai who have been helping people to uplift their life. Hence healers in Mumbai help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you are looking to change your life right away.

The healers in Mumbai act as a support system for people and make them realize their own qualities and abilities to rise above the situation they are stuck in. They don’t propagate something which they don’t follow themselves. Healers in Mumbai are very helpful and acquainted with skills which act as path making process for their clients.

Thus if you are looking for healers in Mumbai, one of the best known, who has healed thousand’s of lives, is Dr Ashish Narayankar.  He sayshealer-mumbai

“We all have the capacity to heal every aspect of our life. Be it relationship, finances or physical diseases . The Purpose of My life is to reach as many people as possible and bring the awareness of how to change their life and live it to the optimum capacity.  When you live in conscious awareness , you create Magic and Miracles everyday in your life.”

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Car Rental in Mumbai

Car Rental in Mumbai is not something you cannot afford, with the growth of the city, the services it offers also are growing. There are many players in the market for car rental in Mumbai.

As the demand increases the supply has to increase so the companies which offer car rentals have also grown in the city. Where the minimum charged per kilometer used to be Rs 27 has now come down to Rs 8 per kilometer or even Rs 5 during promotional offers. People have to go for an interview or even for some function sometimes and they definitely won’t prefer a public transport in that case in order to arrive fresh and energetic at the venue.


With no space for bargaining car rentals in Mumbai are charged on the basis of how much the wheel has moved and how much time it took to reach the venue. The meter is in place hence customers don’t face the hassle of bargaining or drawing a hole in the pocket by being fooled by the driver.

It’s easy to get rented car in Mumbai as the city is vast and has ample of players in market thus it’s a growing business in Mumbai and people from all genre of society are plunging into it. If you plan to pool up it’s the most convenient and economic way of travel in Mumbai. If you are looking for right agency in Mumbai, whom you can trust, you can contact Season Cabs on


Hire Innova in Mumbai

Planning a long trip with friends and family and can’t think of comfortable vehicle to take you to your destination? How about hiring a car?

Hire Innova in Mumbai with great space and power steering Innova is the most sought after car in Mumbai. With ample of vendors available in the market hiring an Innova should not be an issue across whole of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Thane.

The hectic lifestyle of Mumbai makes it difficult for you to take out time for near and dear ones on weekdays but weekends are best options to let your loved ones know that you do care. Mumbai is one blessed city which has ample of get away places around it where you can go and return even in a day’s time. You wish to spend maximum time with maximum people so why not hire a car especially like Innova where you can fit in maximum people and can rely on its mileage to take you to and fro to your destinations.


And why only restrict hiring Innova for longer trips in Mumbai, why not city exploration itself or going to office and sharing it colleagues. Well options are there on floor, you have to choose which suits you best. And the city Mumbai never disappoints you even when it comes to hiring a car of your choice and Innova stands out in its services.

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Buy Kurtis Online

While Indian Fashion has seen many phases, the tradition has always been a part of it. The kurtis with jeans is the latest trend which has come up and is a blend of traditional and trendy combination. has added some well designed and comfortably fitting kurtis available in all sizes. The kurtis can have heavy embroidery or simple laces attached at the edges.


Though western culture has pierced in Indian Culture deeply and made a way into Indian hearts changing their style and choices, still traditional Indian wear like kurtis have a great place in Indian Hearts. They come in vibrant colors and lavish designs giving you a grand and eye catching look. They can be embroidered using beads, thread work and even stone work, which makes your kurtis look magnificent.

Buy Kurtis on which is one of the leading online stores’ where traditional Indian dresses are displayed from top designers.

Lately Kurtis have gained a lot of popularity. They come in a variety of fabrics and materials, thus don’t wait buy kurtis online on

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Buy ethnic dresses online as they have gained a lot of popularity and are counted as a designer wear among women and are appropriate for all occasions. They come in a variety of fabrics and materials like zari, stones, zardosi, sequins, and kundan are used for doing embroidery on them.

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You can wear traditional or modern jewellery with them and compliment the whole look by wearing along with them juttis or stilettos.

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Buy Bollywood Sarees

Sarees compliment all Indian body types. They give a slimmer look at the same time they give overall elegant look. You can wear traditional or modern jewellery with them and compliment the whole look by wearing along with them ‘juttis’ or stilettos.


Buy Bollywood Sarees as sarees are best example to show how vintage fashion can be popular among youngsters too. It has instantly grown to be one of the most liked Indian outfits recently. The main reason which can be attributed for the sarees popularity is their timeless beauty and adorable feminine look they give to a woman with elegance.


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Access consciousness can change your life !

Access consciousness can change your life. Discovered in 1990 by Mr. Gary Douglas. Access Consciousness has taken the world by storm. From years he has been making facilitators all over the world to let people know that they know. He propagates self empowerment and let them be aware and conscious about what their life is and what their life could be once they become conscious beings.

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This website not only gives you knowledge about what access consciousness is, it also introduces you the method and tools of access. As the website is named Dr Ashish Narayankar has been into Access Consciousness for almost four years now and has changed lives of many people through the access consciousness tools and clearings.

He emphasizes how access consciousness can cimageshange your life as it has changed his. If you are stuck in a situation, in a relationship, in financial crisis, all these can be handled by you yourself as you become aware and a conscious being.

Thus, thus no one else can change your life unless you yourself get up and take charge of it and access consciousness gives you that opportunity. To get more comprehensive information on this visit , and know that you are an infinite being.